DJ Faith OmoMushinBadoo

Faith ogunjobi (born 25 September), better known as
DeeJay Faith (Omo Mushin The STAR), is a Nigerian disc jockey, recording artist and Entertainer.

He first gained prominence in early 2000s, while working with Italy’s best spin doctor DJ Notorious Marshal and DJ-Yemoo of Da-Prince Entertainment in Napoli.

DeeJay Faith has since moved on to set up his own label Musfaith Entertainment and is the recipient of ABMA AWARDS – Afro Beats Music Awards 2018 4th Edition Best DJ of the Year.

Deejay Faith has remixed tracks for the likes of UK artist Regine Garnier, Italian based hip pop artist kool kray – z. and One for Peace Group.

DeeJay Faith is an in-demand DJ, playing, performing and rocking prestigious Concerts and Festival in Italy and beyond,
a regular at Buio Essential Club & Flava Beach, “Cola Drink” Festivalbar Summer Tour 2018.



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